Franchise Business Accelerator
Our unique program facilitates the rapid global expansion of successful business models.
Leveraging its global business platform, ToJoy helps companies replicate their successful business models in cities across China and around the world, allowing them to rapidly enter Chinese and worldwide markets. ToJoy also supports the international expansion of Chinese companies with successful business models, and advances the mutual success of Chinese and international enterprises.

Our Approach
Using its vast business platform, ToJoy connects companies who have successful business models with promising joint operating partners in each target city. Once a partnership is formed, the local joint operating partner will draw on its own teams, financial resources, and business network to manage the investments and operations management necessary for a successful launch in each city. The company owning the business model remains responsible for the sustainable development, continuous enhancement, system management, and branding and marketing to support the business.

Alongside bringing joint operating partners and business model owners together, ToJoy’s platform offers a host of services to support these franchises, including business intelligence, resource management, and IPOs and capital management.

Leveraging the unique benefits of the ToJoy franchise accelerator, a successful businesses model can be simultaneously replicated across different cities, resulting in a lightning takeover of target markets.
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