Our goal: To become the world’s largest franchise business accelerator.
ToJoy operates the largest franchise business accelerator platforms in China. Founded in 1991 by Junqing Lu, ToJoy’s mission is to help accelerate the growth of franchise businesses. Headquartered in Beijing, the group operates 100 wholly and majority owned subsidiaries across 27 major cities in China. In 2011 the company was named one of China’s top 20 charitable donors.

In the last 25 years ToJoy has launched three of the world’s firsts: 1. The world’s first franchise business accelerator, assisting in the lightning worldwide expansion of companies with successful business models. 2. The world’s first entrepreneur incubator, helping employees leave their jobs and become managers. 3. The world’s first “Four Days, Six Hours” program, asking its employees to work only four days a week, six hours a day.
The ToJoy advantage
Alongside the resources of our business platform , ToJoy has developed networks around the world in order to spread our core philosophy of maximizing happiness . We are also a strong champion of corporate philanthropy and strive to help make the world a better place.
Our subsidiaries
ToJoy International Capital
Headquartered in Hong Kong, ToJoy International Capital is the group’s international arm. Its mission is to develop ToJoy’s global business platform and operate its Franchise Accelerator Program. Leveraging its global business platform, it helps companies replicate their successful business models in cities across China and around the world, allowing them to rapidly enter Chinese and worldwide markets. It also supports the international expansion of Chinese companies with successful business models, and advances the mutual success of Chinese and international enterprises.
ToJoy Platform Investment Group
ToJoy Platform Investment Group is a large-scale platform-based company operating 100 wholly and majority owned subsidiaries across China. With a few hundred shareholders who are also successful entrepreneurs.
ToJoy Incubator Investment Group
ToJoy Incubator Investment Group specializes in franchise acceleration and business incubation. The group has attracted over a hundred financial investment professionals and project management specialists. Since its inception, the company has already launched many successful franchise accelerator projects.
Meet our leadership team