Hanbang Tailoring
An expert in personal tailor services for men's suits with precise measurement techniques and a unique online-to-offline model offering great value.

Project Background

At present in China’s retail clothing industry, high-end, custom-made clothing accounts for only 0.2% of sales,with traditional custom-madetailor shops accounting for 5%, international top-tier brands accounting for 22%, and ready-to-wear accounting for 71%.With the rapid rise of China's middle class, high-end custom-made apparel will gain importance in the market. 

Drawing on Industry 4.0 ideas, Hanbang Tailoring uses smart factories to produceevery category of made-to-order clothing, relying on an “automatic inspection system +outstanding reputation + online-to-offline innovation’’ model. This, along with relying on its precision measurement technology and high quality-to-price performance, has allowed Hanbang to become a highly competitive private clothing brand. Hanbang has also become a member of the Italian Trade Promotion Council.

Core advantages

Breaking throughindustry bottlenecks: a unique automatic inspection system and modular workflowfor custom-made clothing completely does away with the traditional heavy reliance on people,which prevents standardization of production processes. Unique brand positioning:Unmatched strength in image management, the promotion of a new lifestyle, and the creation entire categories of affordable custom-made fashion.

For business people:high quality made-to-order suitsfor an exceptional value. Outstanding reputation: the creations of senior clothing designers alongside superiorafter-sales serviceenhances customer retention rates. More than 50% of clients are repeat customers.

In 2016Hanbang officially joined ToJoy group and together with outstanding entrepreneurs across the countrythe company developed a three-year plan to build 1000 storesand begin international promotion and publicity. The long-term plan is to develop Hanbanginto a world-renownedfashion company.