An innovative model to create China's largest online marketplace for travel accommodations in residential properties.

Project Background

Tangguo is committed to building China’s leading travel accommodation platform. Tangguo offers a home stay travel accommodation and related services including concierge and offline travel services. Offline partners across many different cities have facilitated the online listings of more than 80 million urban and country homes in China available for vacation rental. Innovative features such as bidding for cleaning contracts and standardized bedding sets strictly provided by Tangguo help address cleanliness concerns for travellers and maintenance issues for landlords. Landlords with limited rental management resources can now easily share their vacant spaces on Tangguo’s online platform.

Tangguo has made several innovations based on the existing travel accommodation business model that make it a more effective option. Its management and operations executive team members all come from well known internet companies, online travel agents, and hotels. In 2006 Tangguo partnered up with ToJoy to participate in its franchise accelerator program. In less than 60 days Tango had successfully signed cooperative partnership agreements in almost 100 cities.