Parallel World
A city-based interactive O2O platform that creates an innovative 3D parallel world.

Project Overview

The 3D Attractions Platform is built upon the foundation of the Parallel World platform. Using cutting-edge 3D web, VR, and AR technologies, the platform creates virtual attractions that mirror scenic spots in real life. In addition to recreating famous attractions from around the world, it can also help users learn cultural and historical facts about the attractions by allowing them to speak with virtual historical figures. It can also serve as a personal mobile tour guide if you ever decide to visit the attractions in real life. 
Core Functions

1. Online Virtual Travel

Using a PC, a smartphone, or a VR device, users logonto the platform and choose a desired attraction to enjoy in a fully immersive virtual travel experience without having to step outside of their home. Users can have fun interacting with virtual historic figures, their friends and family, or other online users within the virtual attraction.

2. Travel Planning Platform 

Users can use the 3D Attractions platform to plan their trips in real life. The platform can recommend scheduling, transportation, and accommodation options based on factors including the number of attractions, locations, and user budget. Users can then adjust the plan based on their personal preferences. This functionality offers users a timesaving, moneysaving, and hasslefree experience.
During the trip, users can use the platform to interact with other travelers, look for fellow users nearby to travel together with, find top-rated local restaurants, or as a virtual tour guide.

3.VR and AR

Using VR equipment, users can virtually walk into 3D attractions. Alternatively, users can use a portable device such as a smartphone, tablet, or Google Glasses to scan QR codes placed around real-life attractions to discover relevant historical facts, videos, audio files, local services, and tourist info. This not only makes trips more fun, but also makes them a learning experience. 

4.Platform Goal 

The 3D Attractions platform aims to be the biggest virtual travel and travel-panning platform that aggregates cities, tourist attractions, and museums from around the world.   

5. Agreements with Chinese tourist attractions 

The platform has already obtained exclusive authorization agreements from 110 famous Chinese tourist attractions including Lushan Mountain, Wang Family Courtyard, Western Film and Television City, Shapotou, and Guilin.  

6. Special opportunities for global markets 

• Free attraction digitization service 

Using this platform, renowned tourist attractions around the world can be digitized for free as long as authorization is obtained. Furthermore, the constructed tourist attraction models can be copyright protected. 

• Free promotion

The platform will help promote these authorized tourist attractions to tourists around the world, particularly to Chinese tourists. 

• Virtual travel profit sharing
When the platform is up and running, more travelers, especially those from China, will use it to travel virtually or to plan their real-life trips. The platform will charge a small amount for virtual tickets or advertising fees for frequently visited attractions. The tourist attraction, the platform, and investors in the particular attraction can all share the profits.