Tongyi Education
An education platform featuring online classes provided by teachers from reputable schools with content customized for each school's curriculum.

In January 2014, QuanTong Education was listed on China’s Growth Enterprise Market (GEM). Within 16 months it achieved a historic record on the A-Shares market with an astonishing 24-fold growth in its stock value.

Who is Tongyi Education? 

Tongyi Education is the leading national service provider of educational information technology and supplier of educational content. Since its establishment in 2001, Tongyi Education’s driving vision is to provide equal education resources to all children. 

Since the Tongyi Education has accumulated over 20 million subscribers and 2.2 million members. It holds 180,000 intellectual property rights for online teaching videos, and has developed a test bank with 3.5 million examination question alongside numerous written teaching resources. The company’s target segments include early childhood education, primary, middle, and high school education, parental education, and many more.   

Tongyi has become the pioneer in online education.

Tongyi Education specializes in providing after school online training programs. It also provides information platforms for schools and other institutions in the same geographicregion. The service includes an online streaming classrooms and recording studios, along with software, servers, and technical support. 

All courses are taught by distinguished teachers from high quality schools. Courses aim to provide systematic and well-directed tutoring along with regular classes. These tutoring sessions are recorded as supplements to regular classes. In order to help individual schools build their Teaching and Research Groups and select distinguished teachers to record their classes, Tongyi Education provides long-term, free, accredited technical support as well as operation personnel. Tongyi Education also covers costs associated with recording classes and payments for purchasing copyrights for teaching videos. 

The core advantage that distinguishes Tonyi Education’s online teaching is its ability to localize and customize courses based on customer needs. It develops exclusive training program for each school, and implements customized databases, individual domain names, standalone platforms and background systems, and personalized service. 

How successful is Tongyi Education?

1. Positive response from schools: More than a hundred renowned institutions are taking the lead to collaborate with Tongyi Education. Because of the complementary servicesoffered the enrollment rate is high, currently reaching 100 percent.  

2. Positive response from teachers: In schools already partnering with Tongyi, teachers are eager to gain the opportunity to give lessons and are encouraging students to participate in the classes offered. 

3. Positive response from students: Schools partnering with Tongyi have achieved an average 58 percent enrollment rate, with the highest rate being 97percent. Starting in 2017, enrolment will be open to all schools throughout the country. 

Currently under the review process for IPO

In 2015, Tongyi Education contracted with IPO agencies HualinSecuruties, the Ruihua accounting firm, and the Zhonglun law firm to undergo the IPO reviewing process. 

In 2016, Tongyi education initiated a strategic collaboration with ToJoy. Within 4 months, suitable operational partners have been sought out across 290 cities via ToJoy’s business platform. 

Tongyi Education will enter 3000 schools in 1000 non-urban districts in 2017. 

Tongyi Education is projected to register on the China Growth Enterprise Market (Second Board) in 2018.